Before booking or travelling make sure you read the current up to date FCDO Advice – France. We also recommend that you visit the website of your airline or, if you are driving, the Eurotunnel website or the ferry company website which will also contain useful information for entering France.

Travelling from the UK to France

Fully vaccinated adults do not need an essential reason to travel to France and do not need to self-isolate on arrival
Fully vaccinated adults do not need to present evidence of a negative test result before travel
Fully vaccinated adults will need to present the following documents:

A completed ‘sworn statement’ (déclaration sur l’honneur) form self-certifying they are not suffering from symptoms associated with coronavirus and have not been in contact with confirmed cases in the preceding fortnight. Please note, the UK is considered an Amber country by France.
Proof of vaccination status: France will accept the UK’s proof of COVID-19 recovery and vaccination record at the border (
The French Government recognises the following vaccines: Pfizer, Moderna, Oxford/AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson (the vaccines recognised by the European Medical Agency). “Fully vaccinated” is defined by the completion of a vaccination schedule, specifically:

1 week after the second dose of Pfizer, Moderna, Oxford/AstraZeneca
4 weeks after the single and only dose of Johnson & Johnson
1 week after the single dose of any of the above vaccines if you have previously tested positive for COVID-19

Adults who are not fully vaccinated, will need to have an essential reason to travel to France
The rules today for children to enter France can be found here: Please note that unless the child has been double vaccinated the French authorities will treat them as not fully vaccinated. You will see on this page that for children aged 12 years old or older they must present a negative test result (PCR or antigen) taken within 24 hours of departure (assuming they are travelling with a fully vaccinated adult). The child does not need to provide an essential reason for travel nor self-isolate on arrival.
If the child is aged under 12 years old and travelling with a fully vaccinated adult then they do not need to present a test result.  The child does not need to provide an essential reason for travel nor self-isolate on arrival.
All children will also need to complete the above ‘sworn statement’ (déclaration sur l’honneur).

Returning home to the UK

The rules for returning to England, Scotland or Wales may be slightly different so it is important that you review the government advice relevant to where you are travelling to. Links can be found from this page:
Fully vaccinated adults, before travelling to England must:

Book and pay for a day 2 COVID-19 test – to be taken after arrival in England
Complete a passenger locator form – to be completed in the 48 hours before you arrive in England (you will need to enter your COVID-19 test booking reference number on your passenger locator form)

Fully vaccinated adults, after arriving in England must:

Take the COVID-19 test on or before day 2

The rules for children resident in the UK arriving into England depend on age:

Children of all ages who are resident in the UK do not have to quarantine on arrival in England
Children between 5 – 17 years must take a day 2 test on or before day 2 (arrival day is day 0)
Children aged 4 and under do not have to take any COVID-19 travel tests

Whilst in France (Pass Sanitaire)

France is using the Pass Sanitaire (a health pass) to enable access to restaurants and bars, for employees as well as customers. In order to enter, people must show their Pass Sanitaire, which confirms that they have had Covid-19, have been vaccinated against it, or have had a negative Covid-19 test result in the past 72 hours.
We have not had specific information that a Pass Sanitaire will be required in catered chalets but, in France, catered chalets are classed as restaurants and so we can only assume that they will be required to get into our chalets.

From January, the booster within five months of a second dose will be needed for adults to get a vaccination pass/"pass sanitaire"

Anyone 12 years old or over will need to prove (via an app) that they are either double vaccinated with booster or free from Covid with proof of a negative test within the last 72 hours. This app can downloaded from your app store by searching ‘TousAntiCovid’ and your NHS certificate can be downloaded into it. It is also possible to download your children’s negative test result into your TousAntiCovid app as well.
To keep the pass valid, children 12 years old or over, who are not double vaccinated will have to test every 72 hours and reload the latest negative test result into the app.

Whilst in France (ski lifts)

There is now the requirement to show a Pass Sanitaire to use the ski lifts.
Face coverings will need to be worn in lift queues and on bubbles (not chairlifts) and these must be medical masks. They will also need to be worn in other indoor public places, like shops, bars and restaurants (unless you are sat at your table eating or drinking).

Masks and Social Distancing

  • Wearing a mask is compulsory from the age of 11 in all ski lifts and in the waiting lines.
  • Masks are recommended for children aged 6 to 11.
  • Only surface lifts and conveyor belts may be exempted from wearing masks if they are used by only one user at a time.
  • Skiers are required to wear a surgical mask or a category 1 fabric mask (AFNOR SPEC S76-001 certification).
  • Concerning neck gaiters, only those that are filtering and certified will be allowed as an alternative to masks.Very practical for skiing and adapted to this protocol, approved neck gaiters can be put on and taken off in a few seconds.
  • Skiers must respect distances between people or groups of people travelling together in the waiting lines.
  • Protective measures must be applied throughout the ski area.
  • Lift operators will make hand sanitizer available at relevant locations.
  • Mask wearing regulations are also subject to changes by the regional Prefect.
  • Wearing a mask is not required while skiing.

Updated 29/11/2021



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