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Serre Chevalier is based in the French Southern Alps aka the 'Hautes-Alpes', bordering the peaks of the Écrins National Park.  To describe it in three words........ undiscovered. epic. unforgettable.

Made up of four different base areas, including Briancon, Chantemerle, Villeneuve and Le Monêtier-les-Bains. A long south-facing valley between the Col du Lautaret and Briançon brings 13 villages dotted along the way, ranging from the ultra modern to the more traditional. 

After arriving here 'by accident' in 2011, the SIC team quickly learnt that unlike all the major well known ski areas that we had worked in...Serre Che offered something unique that we had never experienced. A mountain that was genuinely undiscovered. No queues, unforgettable powder days, 250km of piste and super friendly locals. Every year we return along with our growing client base and we have never been happier! 

serre chevalier facts

Briancon is the second highest city in Europe and enjoys 300 days of sunshine a year! Yet retains its snowy pastures with North facing mountains. 

Luc Alphand, born & bred in Briancon is famed in the area mainly for being very good at winning medals for Downhill and Super-G in the 90's! He was rewarded quite rightly with the main expert run into Chantemerle being named after him!

Pierre Vaultier, born & bred in Briancon. Gold medalist in the Boarder Cross at the Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi. Won when just 2 weeks before the competition, he tore his anterior cruciate ligament. Hero!

Highest High : 2,800 m (9,190 ft)

Vertical Drop : 1,600 m (5,250 ft)

Thanks to its local heritage, the villages of Serre Chevalier came together under the banner of the ’Crowned Eagle’ that appears on the coat of arms of the Borel du Bez family. You may spot one gliding above you if you're lucky!

The Haute-Alpes is France's only department in the alpine chain situated entirely in the mountains, making it the highest department in the Alps!

The healing properties at the natural heated springs in Monetier were a favourite to the Romans. "Do as the Romans did"

Opened in 1941, the Chantemerle cable car was Serre Chevalier's first ski lift and was the longest ski lift in Europe.

A history so vast, Serre Chevalier has many stories to tell and tours to take should you want some time off the mountain. Read more here.



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