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Sixth Day Food Delivery Day

As Brexit hit, sadly catered chalet companies in France have had to change staff working contracts to working just 5 days.

This made us sad..because of course we want to continue to offer our fantastic service for as many days as possible. 

That is why at Snowed Inn we will continue to offer 6 days of food with a sixth day food delivery for the evening. Enjoy a family style main and dessert left in your fridge and ready to reheat with instructions from your hosts.

We hope this makes you happy!

Best bars in Serre Chevalier

Tricky thing for us in the Snowed Inn crew, is that we work hard in the winter to make sure you have a great time and thus miss important time sampling the local watering holes. This is why we thought it would be super important for us to get sampling this Summer. we have some of our favourite bars throughout the valley of Serre Chevalier so that wherever you end up staying for the week, you have an idea of places to go. Today we present Briancon, with just some of the bars in the old and new town.


Café Champ de Mars

New this year, this super cool bar serves up great beers, insanely good food from salads to large platters of meat and cheese served with style. Plus there is live music which is a big winner in a mountain resort and even karoake for those with that guilty pleasure. We are besotted, plus it is on our door step which helps!

La Collégial

This is a great little boozer for friendly service, great drinks and good times. With live music and a great view of the Briancon cathedral just opposite we really recommend a few here.

Le Spirit Bar

A gorgeous little bar sat right next to La Collégiale that also sits within the walls of the great Vauban Fortress aka Old Town. It always has funky tunes on and really is a treat with a great drinks menu and food. During the winter they light the fire and it is the perfect place to grab a Génépi or other digestif after your chalet meal.


Le Club

A long time favourite of ours. They always have special beers on offer that are nice and strong they make your toes go fizzy. The decor is cool and ambiant and the music is always spot on. 

Le Saxo Bar

A small but super friendly bar with a super nice bar man.  He serves great beer and tasty cocktails plus top tunes. We highly recommend a drink here.


Luxury Toiletries for 2019

New for 2019 we are introducing a new collection of toiletries in our chalets.

Luxury toiletries from Duck Island, we are offering hand wash, body wash, shampoo and conditioner in our chalets in a large bottle format so we don't have as much waste, helping our planet out a little.

Get ready for a pamper!

They say.....

"Our signature fragrance, “elissium”, is a combination of the luxurious and the sensual. The name “elissium” is derived in part from the Greek for paradise, layered with overtones from classical history of pleasure, and exclusivity.

Elissium’s balanced aroma captivates the senses, conveying the very sophistication and sensuality of the luxurious."


"Duck Island champions sustainable and environmentally- sound business practices, and we are committed to minimising the impact of our activities on the environment. Our packaging, bottles and caps are recyclable.

Our products are all Paraben and Mineral Oil Free. Our products are never tested on animals."

Improvements for 2019 in Serre Chevalier

Serre Chevalier, France
Serre Chevalier, France

SCV Ski Area is already preparing the 2018-2019 season with a planned investment of € 10 million for even more access! Exciting times!

The new chairlift Cote Chevalier will allow a better flow for us powder seekers offering a significantly improved connection between Monetier and all domain areas:

Monêtier> Briançon

5 chairlifts > Bachas, Eychauda, Cucumelle, Cote Chevalier Prorel

35 minute journey - 2 runs 

Capacity 3000 persons per hour comparing to 1800 persons per hour!

The old chairlift Cote Chevalier chairlift and the Frejus lift Pré du Bois will be dismantled. The number of pylons will be decreased with 39 being disassembled and 22 relocated.

.Everything is scheduled to open in December 2018.          Happy Days!

Here is a litttle video from the crew at SCV to get your tastebuds tingling for Winter 2019


Winter 2018

  • Unlimited wine with dinner
  • Tiramisu
  • Jibber Jabber 2018

Well it's been a couple of months since the winter ended and we are now well rested and back to business!

On reflection .....What an incredible season 2018 was. We're still reeling!

The snow Gods delivered hundreds of centimetres of snow to most resorts and of course we being one of them revelled in the empty powder filled fields for days on end, making fresh tracks even three days after fresh snowfall - which is one of the reasons we love it here. No fighting for freshies, they are plentiful. Quiet queues and uncongested runs...this makes us smile : )

We had a fantastic Jibber Jabber week with the awesome Love Inc crew, a crackin new menu and Serre Chevalier had mentions all over the media including The Telegraph noting Serre Chevalier as one of the best ski resorts in France. 

Our biggest news of the season has to be our farewell to Steve aka the Third muskateer of Snowed Inn Chalets. We started the company together but this year he welcomes another path and says goodbye to the SIC life, although I am certain we will be seeing him plenty on and off the hill. We wish him so much good luck and also with the arrival of his new baby any day now!

We also should announce the news of mine and Matt's second little one arriving in September meaning we have two new Snowed Inn trainees in the making! We are thrilled! 

So, we look at 2019 with loads of excitement as we are preparing new menu's, new chalets - soon to be revealed, and much more. If you have any suggestions as always contact us but we hope to meet if not beat your expectations with Snowed Inn Chalets 2019.


Jo, Matt, Arnie and bump x


Certificate of Mega-ness

Thank you to all you wonderful people that took the time to write us a review this last winter. Every time each one of you leave the Snowed Inn we get a little too excited when we see a TripAdvisor review has been left for us,  especially when they are so lovely and thoughtful. Once again we have earnt a Certificate of Excellence for 2017 to which we are wearing our little chufty badges.

Big mountain smiles and thanks to you all. Here's to another fantastic season this winter and hopefully we can earn this status for another year running. Bring it on 2018!


Tour de France Accommodation Available

Tour de France, Map, TDF, Etape, Serre Chevalier, France, Cycling, Bikes, Tour, 2017,
Tour de France Serre Chevalier

For those avid cyclist that want to be in Serre Chevalier for this years Tour de France or Etape, then we still have accommodation available. Whether it is shared accommodation in Briancon or a large chalet for a group of 14, we have great options for both weeks. 

Enquire now for more details.

Spectacular 2017 in Serre Chevalier

What an incredible end to a season. Yes, the lifts shut a few days ago and then the snow gods let loose!! Never mind, we always fancied a hike anyway!

So, what can we say. Great guests, incredible staff, mega snow conditions with a good solid amount of powder days, the best Jibber Jabber week yet and just a hell of a lot of good good times!

We look forward to doing it all over again nex year for winter 2017 - 2018 in Serre Chevalier.


Winter Gifts

Everyone to the hospital!

Well....What a season. You're probably thinking why it has took this long to create a blog post for last season being June already....well let me tell you.

As most of our returning guests know we have had an interesting winter but for those that are new to us let me explain.

We *Snowed Inn Chalets* is made up of me (Jo), Matt and Steve.  This winter, for some wonderful crazy reason...the wind turned and we all got pregnant! *Jo and Matt and Steve and his bootiful missus*

Of course our planning was hilarious and randomly *if you can believe it* we all ended up in hospital on the same day welcoming our fresh little ones to the snowy world, not just in the winter season but during half term....our busiest week of the year and of course the busiest week we have EVER had with over 90 guests staying with SIC! Great timing kids!

The show went on of course! We had a dreamteam including *life saving* big sisters, best mates, new mates with impressive culinary skills and we couldn't be more happy that it all went so smoothly...with our guests that week praising their stay and most returning for Winter 2017! 

So a massive thank you to every one that helped us and everyone that came and stayed with us this last hiver....we are so grateful for the love and support!

Now, we need to get training these new little beings! Welcome to Snowed Inn Arnie and Kira xxx

a fun start to the season..

Cheese, Fondue, France, Serre Chevalier, Food, Winter, Snow
the normal lunch option...nomnom
  • Cheese, Fondue, France, Serre Chevalier, Food, Winter, Snow
  • ice hockey, diablo rouge, gap, match, winter, serre chevlalier
  • serre chevalier, walking, November, snow,
  • serre chevalier, walking, winter,
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  • gluten free, dietary requirements, Serre Chevalier, winter, hosts, cake, chocolate
  • Christmas, restaurants, Serre Chevalier, Briancon, Old Town, Fort,

Well, we are completely ready for the winter season to begin. After a lovely pre season welcome of hot cheese, ice hockey, dinner parties *practise makes perfect* and November walks we think it is about time you all started arriving now. 

Serre Chevalier is ready for you. 

The slopes are open. The fire is stacked. There is meat to roast, wine to be drank and snow to be had! Here's to a jolly *and snowy* 2016.




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