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Certificate of Mega-ness

Thank you to all you wonderful people that took the time to write us a review this last winter. Every time each one of you leave the Snowed Inn we get a little too excited when we see a TripAdvisor review has been left for us,  especially when they are so lovely and thoughtful. Once again we have earnt a Certificate of Excellence for 2017 to which we are wearing our little chufty badges.

Big mountain smiles and thanks to you all. Here's to another fantastic season this winter and hopefully we can earn this status for another year running. Bring it on 2018!


Tour de France Accommodation Available

Tour de France, Map, TDF, Etape, Serre Chevalier, France, Cycling, Bikes, Tour, 2017,
Tour de France Serre Chevalier

For those avid cyclist that want to be in Serre Chevalier for this years Tour de France or Etape, then we still have accommodation available. Whether it is shared accommodation in Briancon or a large chalet for a group of 14, we have great options for both weeks. 

Enquire now for more details.

Spectacular 2017 in Serre Chevalier

What an incredible end to a season. Yes, the lifts shut a few days ago and then the snow gods let loose!! Never mind, we always fancied a hike anyway!

So, what can we say. Great guests, incredible staff, mega snow conditions with a good solid amount of powder days, the best Jibber Jabber week yet and just a hell of a lot of good good times!

We look forward to doing it all over again nex year for winter 2017 - 2018 in Serre Chevalier.


Winter Gifts

Everyone to the hospital!

Well....What a season. You're probably thinking why it has took this long to create a blog post for last season being June already....well let me tell you.

As most of our returning guests know we have had an interesting winter but for those that are new to us let me explain.

We *Snowed Inn Chalets* is made up of me (Jo), Matt and Steve.  This winter, for some wonderful crazy reason...the wind turned and we all got pregnant! *Jo and Matt and Steve and his bootiful missus*

Of course our planning was hilarious and randomly *if you can believe it* we all ended up in hospital on the same day welcoming our fresh little ones to the snowy world, not just in the winter season but during half term....our busiest week of the year and of course the busiest week we have EVER had with over 90 guests staying with SIC! Great timing kids!

The show went on of course! We had a dreamteam including *life saving* big sisters, best mates, new mates with impressive culinary skills and we couldn't be more happy that it all went so smoothly...with our guests that week praising their stay and most returning for Winter 2017! 

So a massive thank you to every one that helped us and everyone that came and stayed with us this last hiver....we are so grateful for the love and support!

Now, we need to get training these new little beings! Welcome to Snowed Inn Arnie and Kira xxx

a fun start to the season..

Cheese, Fondue, France, Serre Chevalier, Food, Winter, Snow
the normal lunch option...nomnom
  • Cheese, Fondue, France, Serre Chevalier, Food, Winter, Snow
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  • serre chevalier, walking, winter,
  • Serre chevalier, food, wine, wine tasting, entertaining, dinner, party,
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Well, we are completely ready for the winter season to begin. After a lovely pre season welcome of hot cheese, ice hockey, dinner parties *practise makes perfect* and November walks we think it is about time you all started arriving now. 

Serre Chevalier is ready for you. 

The slopes are open. The fire is stacked. There is meat to roast, wine to be drank and snow to be had! Here's to a jolly *and snowy* 2016.



Jibber Cruise

Poor Lory last year regrettably broke himself for a few weeks. But on the plus side he made a little jib vid from the SIC archives.

Thanks Lory!


Returning Wonders

'Lory and Sashaaaa'

We are pleased as punch to announce the return of mega staff duo Sasha and Lory this coming winter 2016!

Already looking forward to mountain bake off, constant lovliness and insane snowboard moves!

*We love you guys!! *

Superstar Chef

Superstar Chef!

You’ll never guess where I was this working this week……

As the personal chef to Tori Amos and her crew!!!

I had the privilege to work and stay at Martian Engineering Studios in Cornwall and prepare their breakfast, lunch and dinner whilst they rehearsed for a upcoming festival in Barcelona.

As you can imagine I took this all within my stride, chefing for a music legend ain’t no thang *!?* So you’ll be pleased to hear that when I was first introduced to Tori and her family I promptly turned the colour of a beetroot, and continued to glow away in bashful embarrassment for the next ten minutes even outshining the bright red kitchen!

Fortunately I composed myself and knocked up a variety of tasty meals for Tori and her team over the next  four days. Serving a selection of hearty and healthy delights including; Moroccan mezze, Sunday Roast, Italian platter, and on request good ole steak with heaps of veggies and peppercorn sauce….rounding it off nicely with homemade tequila ice cream!

It was really nice to meet them all and lovely to see that after a long day they liked nothing better than enjoying each other’s company  unwinding over dinner with some bottles of wine.

As you can imagine I really enjoyed this experience and along the way stumbled upon a selection of new dishes .  So if you come and pay us a visit this winter,  get ready for some Super Star Cooking! 

Tori AmosMartian Engineering dinning room and kitchensnowed inn chalets chef Steve

Still not convinced, How about a little taster

Ah Serre Chevalier! All that fresh powder days after a snowfall, and not a soul to share it with. We have had to tolerate this quiet resort with its ridiculous amounts of off piste for too long………..    Please come and make some tracks of your own!


SIC featured in Vogue UK November 2014

We opened up this November's edition of Vogue only to find little old us featured as a recommendation. 'Vogue Escapes...... guide to the perfect festive break'.

Don't worry if you missed it...I have it here for your perusal.... & a gold framed copy in every SIC bedroom/toilet/shower *joking...but actually a very good idea* 

Vogue, Vogue UK, magazine, fashion, ski, snowboard, holiday, festive, break, 2014

*pleased as punch*


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