SiC Blog - June 2015

Superstar Chef

Superstar Chef!

You’ll never guess where I was this working this week……

As the personal chef to Tori Amos and her crew!!!

I had the privilege to work and stay at Martian Engineering Studios in Cornwall and prepare their breakfast, lunch and dinner whilst they rehearsed for a upcoming festival in Barcelona.

As you can imagine I took this all within my stride, chefing for a music legend ain’t no thang *!?* So you’ll be pleased to hear that when I was first introduced to Tori and her family I promptly turned the colour of a beetroot, and continued to glow away in bashful embarrassment for the next ten minutes even outshining the bright red kitchen!

Fortunately I composed myself and knocked up a variety of tasty meals for Tori and her team over the next  four days. Serving a selection of hearty and healthy delights including; Moroccan mezze, Sunday Roast, Italian platter, and on request good ole steak with heaps of veggies and peppercorn sauce….rounding it off nicely with homemade tequila ice cream!

It was really nice to meet them all and lovely to see that after a long day they liked nothing better than enjoying each other’s company  unwinding over dinner with some bottles of wine.

As you can imagine I really enjoyed this experience and along the way stumbled upon a selection of new dishes .  So if you come and pay us a visit this winter,  get ready for some Super Star Cooking! 

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