SiC Blog - November 2012

Fresh Pasta

Everyone loves eating a good pasta based dish, but often little attention is paid to the pasta more so the sauce. Fresh pasta is easy to make and tastes delicious in the simplest of sauces, here I will attempt to show you how to make one of an estimated 600+ varieties of pasta. There must be a reason the average Italian eat more than 23kg a year.
The Dough
The dough is the most critical part of making fresh pasta. To make about 500g start by weighing out 320g of '00' grade flour, this is an especially fine grade of flour used in pasta making. Sieve the flour onto your work surface, make a well in the middle and add two large eggs.

Whisk the eggs with a fork and start mixing in the flour till it is of dough like consistence. Knead the pasta dough adding flour until it is dry to the touch but not so dry that it cracks or crumbles. If your dough does become too dry add a sprinkle of water and continue kneading. Leave to rest in a covered bowl whilst you prepare the pasta maker.

Now you’re ready for the fun bit, rolling the pasta. To start with, tear off a smaller piece of your dough (if you try to do the whole lot at once you will end up with metre long pasta!) roll to roughly the width of your pasta machine and start feeding through on the largest setting. Repeat the feeding process on every level until you have a long thin piece of fresh pasta.

The pasta you have just made can be hand chopped to use as lasagne sheets or if you want something more interesting many attachments are available for your pasta maker. In the same way you fed the pasta through the machine do so again but through one of the many attachments. Here you will see I have made tagliatelle.

Mmmmmmmmm delicious... and it only took me half an hour!

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