SiC Blog - June 2016

Winter Gifts

Everyone to the hospital!

Well....What a season. You're probably thinking why it has took this long to create a blog post for last season being June already....well let me tell you.

As most of our returning guests know we have had an interesting winter but for those that are new to us let me explain.

We *Snowed Inn Chalets* is made up of me (Jo), Matt and Steve.  This winter, for some wonderful crazy reason...the wind turned and we all got pregnant! *Jo and Matt and Steve and his bootiful missus*

Of course our planning was hilarious and randomly *if you can believe it* we all ended up in hospital on the same day welcoming our fresh little ones to the snowy world, not just in the winter season but during half term....our busiest week of the year and of course the busiest week we have EVER had with over 90 guests staying with SIC! Great timing kids!

The show went on of course! We had a dreamteam including *life saving* big sisters, best mates, new mates with impressive culinary skills and we couldn't be more happy that it all went so smoothly...with our guests that week praising their stay and most returning for Winter 2017! 

So a massive thank you to every one that helped us and everyone that came and stayed with us this last hiver....we are so grateful for the love and support!

Now, we need to get training these new little beings! Welcome to Snowed Inn Arnie and Kira xxx

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